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Video TeleConferencing allows people to share information and participate in a multi-way discussion regardless of physical location.

Scheduling VideoTeleConferencing (VTC) Events

How Do I Setup a VTC meeting?

1. Obtain billing account

This service is 100% fee-for-service. Please obtain a CIT billing account before requesting for service.

2. Registering/Certifying your endpoint

  • If your VTC has never used our bridging service, you will need to certify your VTC endpoint for use with our bridge.
  • If your VTC will be using our VTC bridge service regularly, you will need to register your VTC with our CIT Gatekeeper.
  • If you have not used our video bridge within the last 30 days, it's recommended you test your endpoint with the NIH Bridge to ensure call quality. 

Please fill out Gatekeeper Registration Form to if any of these situations apply.

3. Schedule a VTC or bridge call

To schedule a VTC event for lecture, meeting or conference on your videoconferecing system and to request or modify a dial-in number, please visit

Please contact NIH VTC Admins for additional information
NIH Collaborative Technology Innovation and Video Services
Call 301-594-8433
TDD/TTY: 301-496-8294

How Do I Schedule an Interactive Video Conference Between Two or More Sites?

If you would like to include videoconferencing services to your meeting or event, consider the following questions:

  1. Who will be on the other end of the call? Do they have video conferencing equipment?
  2. When is my conference scheduled and how long will it run?
  3. Will I need other equipment, such as a VCR to tape the proceedings or a document camera to share papers long-distance?
  4. Will I also want to publish my event as a RealPlayer streaming VideoCast?
  5. Will I also want to publish my event as an MP4 video or MP3 audio Podcast?
  6. Will I also want to use CIT's Web Collaboration services to interact in realtime over the internet?